Francisca Muñoz

Francisca Muñoz Mendoza was born in Conil de la Frontera (Cádiz-Spain) in 1969, into a working-class family. Nowadays, she lives in her village with her husband and her daughter, after years of forced exile due to her teaching profession.

From childhood she showed great interest in cooking. Whenever her mother, Matilde, was in the kitchen she was always near her, helping in the elaboration of the typical local recipes.

She studied secondary school in Conil and later English Philology at the universities of Cádiz and Seville (Spain). She began to work as an English teacher soon and currently she works at  the Language School (EOI) of Jerez (the land of Sherry) where she and  her students undertook this project framed within the European program Grundtvig, coordinated by  the Sherry EOI.

Her teaching vocation as well as her interest in foreign languages​​, in particular English, and her passion for cooking, have resulted in this collaborative cookbook, through which our author has had the opportunity to gather her passions in one.